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Koala Park Daycare has developed a franchise model that is fully invested in the success and growth of our Tribe of Koala Park Daycare Owners. Together we will put love back into childcare making a difference in children’s lives and in our communities.


You can help fill the desperate need for daycare in the US which has recently gained the support of the government through grants and initiatives.

Start a Koala Park and help fulfill this need while igniting your career as an entrepreneur with purpose and impacting the lives of the children and families you serve. 


Become an independent and successful business owner with strong recognition in your community and lift up your neighborhood. Koala Park helps you create a beautiful space that delivers children a loving & empowering environment to thrive in, while converting your home into a modern bright living space. KP is a business you can take immense pride in. No doubt about it.


We will give you all the systems and tools to successfully run your Koala Park Daycare. We are there every step of the way providing support in many different ways:

  • Branding and Marketing
  • Enrollment and parent communications
  • Staffing support
  • Business Coaching and offsite events
  • Operations process
  • Licensing and training


As a Koala Park partner you will be joining a group of like minded individuals dedicated to putting love back into childcare. We support each other celebrating our wins, grow our identity, and expand our purpose.

Our commitment, attention to detail, and desire to help a select few franchisees succeed can be seen in the level of support we create for our Tribe. We have changed our lives and others through Koala Park Daycare and so can you.

Our Franchise Process

Introductory Call.

A zoom call where we can share our story, learn more about you, and get an initial view of your space.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

We will send this important information and jump on another call to ensure you understand the ins and outs of a Koala Park Franchise.

Discovery Day

A great in person meeting where we will take you through the mechanics of Koala Park and the process to open

Koala Park Franchise Award

You are a great fit and we would love to invite you to join the Koala Park family.

Franchise Agreement

After both parties carefully review the franchise agreement we sign and celebrate! Then we carefully develop our plan to open. But no worries, we will be right by your side every step of the way.

Are You The Ideal Koala Park Franchisee?

There are many people that are able to become a franchisee, but these are the qualities needed to join our tribe of business owners.


Passion is ambition, heart, and drive. Doing things wholeheartedly because you genuinely care about your work. We want our franchisees to love our mission and brand as much as we do, and recognize that we are equally passionate about being there for them along the way

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit in running your own business is a mindset. You like approaching situations where you feel empowered, motivated, and capable of taking things into your own hands.

Mission driven

At KP we value and love humans who truly want to be part of something bigger. A person that wants to make an impact in the world, and in the lives of children.


You wake up ready to take on each day, regardless of challenges that may arise. Hit the ground running, ready to innovate, motivate, and create. Staying on top of your business and yourself, so you can reap the highest of rewards.

Experience in the field of Early Childhood

The most critical quality is LOVING to work with children:

  • Previously or current teachers, care-workers, professionals looking to get out of the workforce
  • Young mothers who can work from home and still care for their own babies – win, win!
  • Nurturing, patient, creative and loving souls who truly want to make a difference in this world.

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