Our Method

Our mission is to put love back into childcare. Over the last decade we have applied research, undertaken learning and built on our experience to ensure love is very real in everything we do from the first ‘hello’ to the last  ‘goodbye’. There are three principles to the Method:


A Culture of Love

All of our locations are safe, secure and fully  licensed. Our home setting becomes a familiar place where children can be themselves, an extension of your home.. We are boutique in size with low ratios that allows a deeper bond between the children and our teachers. The room layouts nurture age-appropriate experiences while mixed age exposure creates sibling-style relationships to foster confidence and behavior modeling.


A Focus on Community


Our community begins with our highly qualified and affectionate teachers. Not only do they have double the required training, we also have a deep support network to ensure we are communicating, sharing and striving to improve all the time. Our teachers are here for the long-term which is vital in continual care, that’s individualized and steeped in love.


Open communication is the foundation of our parent relationships – frequent and transparent updates help us work together with families while our events, date nights are great ways for parents to participate and connect

Local Community

We are heavily involved in the local community from partnering with local restaurants, supporting local charities & events, bringing in police and ambulance. We also partner with the local government in helping shape our towns.


An Empowering Learning Environment

Affection and Understanding:

We love to hold hands, cuddle and hug the children which lets them feel secure regardless of their accomplishments. Our smaller groups allow more one on one responsive care as our teachers practice patience to ensure the children are heard.

Social and Emotional foundation:

By focusing on the children’s feelings and how they interact with other children we see immense lifts in confidence. And it’s that confidence that amplifies all other areas of learning – cognitive, fine and gross motor skills, language.

Learning from others:

Learning from each other is a huge part of The Koala Park Method. Through an adaptive curriculum, our responsive teachers, and a home setting that creates sibling-style relationships, we create an empowering learning environment where children thrive. Babies are infatuated with toddlers and toddlers are so proud in teaching them.


Proud Parent

Rasha Clark

We are so thrilled we found this place for our son. 

Our child has a metabolic disorder and has to be on a special diet and needs a little extra attention during meal times and everyone at Koala was attentive to our instructions and kept us up to date – especially in the beginning. 

They definitely went above and beyond with patience and kindness. 

Over the last six months our son has gotten so much love from the staff that even after a 4 week vacation- he happily went back. It’s a wonderful place and I am so thankful to have people like them watching and playing and taking care of our son while we can’t.